The Garden Design Process

This initial meeting is where we discuss your thoughts and ideas for your future garden. This meeting is an important introduction – it enables me to not only listen to you but to make suggestions and gauge your response to my thoughts and explorations. I will then formulate a brief and provide you with a fee proposal for a Garden Master Plan, the first stage of the design process.
Judy Cole Garden Design - Site Survey

Site Survey

Following agreement of the fee proposal and Master Plan, a second visit will involve an accurate survey of your garden and will show the boundaries, any outbuildings, existing trees and shrubs, ground levels, location of services, analysis of soil, and the aspect of your house and garden. This is done before any design work can commence.

Masterplan/Outline Plan

The Masterplan plan supported by artists impressions and visuals shows you my proposed design, to scale, based on the ideas discussed in the brief; from it we can discuss any minor changes you may wish to make. I will draw up the agreed final plan to include these changes. It will incorporate a basic outline of materials to be used and descriptions of the various features in the design.
Planting Plan and Schedule

Planting Plan and Schedule

This will involve a detailed plan for each area of the garden and will specify type and quantity of each botanically named plant. These will be chosen according to aspect and location and to complement the garden, each other and to offer year-round interest. The planting schedule lists the plant names, sizes and quantities and is used for costing, ordering and setting out the plants.

Tendering for the Garden Build

I can draw up a written specification and schedule of works for the landscapers to provide an estimate for the garden construction; this will make tendering for the job easier and more precise.

Garden Construction & Project Management

A setting out plan is drawn up to give the construction team clear outlines as to levels, dimensions, method and materials. This may require extra construction drawings if there are any complex features in the design. I will manage the project and regularly visit the site to monitor its progress, remedy any unforeseen situations and ensure the quality of construction.
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