My interest lies in designing gardens of beauty and individuality, built on sound sustainable principles using locally sourced, natural materials whenever possible.

Listening sensitively to my clients wishes is a priority. I incorporate these as I step into the site of the potential garden. I explore, take note of existing plant and animal life, stand in corners receiving the atmospheres of the different spaces to find the inherent nature of the place. I wander while feeling the rhythm between each space and how it can be transformed into a natural and well proportioned garden sitting comfortably with the house and in its wider landscape be it urban or rural.

On the drawing board I pencil in the first design ideas and the dialogue begins with my clients. We walk, talk and imagine the developments, we check the practical applications. As the design develops I layer in the materials, chosen for their longevity and compatibility to the build. I always try to use local, natural and sustainable products.

The plants, the last and usually the most exciting stage, be they bold, sculptural, aromatic, edible, delicate or just plain lovely are chosen for their qualities not only to their place - light, shade, soil type, aspect - but to the sensibility of the clients.

I am always here to call upon for the aftercare of your garden. My aim, in response to my clients wishes, is to bring life to a garden while taking care of the inherent nature of the place.

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